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What does Makinta do

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Our team of experts manages your Amazon account and provides both the overall strategy/advisement/consulting as well as much of the “hands on implementation”.

Once their account is up and running our goal is to drive revenue through Amazon. Core focus is on the aspects of Amazon that will increase your sales.

We also take care of Amazon day to day management.

Who are you

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You are a Brand owner. Perhaps you are already selling online or you are still having second thoughts? Do you want to reach customers across 28 European countries and the US? Over 600 million users are waiting for you. Let us be the ones to help you make the first steps.

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You are an Amazon seller and you need help to skyrocket your sales. You need an eye catching title and product description, photos that sell, 5-star reviews that seal the deal, ads that convert and reliable professional customer service. If your answer is Yes, let’s make this work together.

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Full Package

For those who are starting the journey with Amazon we provide an A to Z account set up service. Once the account is set up we approach things from a sales and marketing perspective, in that we see our objective as maximize sales (and profits) for our clients. We can take care of this for you.

How can we help you

Amazon Makinta

Save hundreds of hours of headaches and thousands if not tens of thousands in potentially lost sales through poor optimisation.

Regardless of whether you’ve just made the decision to start selling via Amazon or you’ve got product ranked top 100 and everything between, we’ve got your solution.

sprzedaż na Amazon Makinta
sprzedaż na Amazon Makinta

Amazon is one of the most challenging platforms to sell and market on, yet it is one of the most rewarding. Our team of experts provide the technical know-how along with proprietary technology for all things on Amazon, to help you develop and execute a solid and profitable Amazon strategy. 

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About us

Our Makinta team has a few years of Amazon seller & marketplace experience.

We know what it takes to be successful. Find out who we are:

Kinga Gawrońska

Kinga Gawrońska


She gained marketing experience working in publishing houses and international start-ups dealing with e-commerce and new technologies. The Amazon Seller Account service has no secrets for her, and she treats any changes in the algorithms of the platform as a challenge.

Martyna Krogulec

Martyna Krogulec


The experience gained in various industries (FMCG, MEDICAL, EDUCATION, E-COMMERCE) allowed for a great preparation for operation on the e-commerce market. She specializes in cracking Amazon puzzles, creating new strategies and constantly searching for better promotion techniques on Amazon.

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